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Just a few more sleeps and then it's christmas time. Today there is a very quick crochet project! A Christmas tree garland. For the Christmas tree or the table decoration or the napkin holder? I also used it to decorate our door decorations. In addition, the small tree is also great as a gift tag. My customers all got one on their Christmas orders last year :)


What you Need:

  • 2 wool colors in your favorite thickness, here 3mm
  • 1 crochet hook of the right size, here 3mm
  • 1 pair of scissors and 1 needle for sewing


ch sp = Chainspace

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

-blo = back loop only

°3sc-blo° = crochet 3sc in the same backloop 



turn =  The work is turned and crocheted in the opposite direction

stitch off = Pull the thread all the way through the last loop

Weave in the ends: = After stitching off, sew the thread inside through a few loops in an S-shape and knot it.  


Here we go:

01. ch sp with  8ch, close with 1sl st (8+1)

02. 3sc in this loop, 1sl st, turn (3)

03. 1sc-blo, °3sc-blo°, 1sc-blo, 1ch, turn (5)

04. 5sc, 1sl st, turn (5)

05. 2sc-blo, °3sc-blo°, 2sc-blo, 1ch, turn (7)

06. 7sc, 1sl st, turn (7)

07. 3sc-blo, °3sc-blo°, 3sc-blo, 1ch, turn (9)

08. 9sc, 1sl st, turn(9)

09. 4fsc-blo, °3sc-blo°, 4sc-blo, 1ch, turn (11)

10. 11sc, 1sl st, turn (11)

11. 5sc-blo, °3sc-blo°, 5sc-blo, 1ch, turn (13)

12. 13sc, 1sl st, turn (13)

13. 6sc-blo, °3sc-blo°, 6sc-blo, 1ch, turn (15)

14. 15sc, 1sl st, turn (15)

Stitch off.


Crochet 3hdc with new thread for the trunk in the 3 middle backloop of row 14.

Stitch off and sew everything up.

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